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Complimentary Pick-up and Drop-off
Full precision Interior/Exterior details
4 Hour Turn Around
We make you grin when you get in!!!

Pick-up and Drop-off Service

We will come to you!!!
Use our concierge service
No need to worry about leaving your vehicle at a detailing service. We can either do the work onsite or - for the full treatment- we will pick up and drop off your vehicle.
For No Extra Charge.

4 Hour Turn Around

From the time we get your vehicle to the time you get it back it is a total of 4 hours....At the most.
Do you have a vehicle that needs immediate attention? Then turn to us. When you need your vehicle looking good and you need it now... we should be your first call.

Glass Repair and Odour Removal

We don't just detail your vehicle like everyone else. We also fix windshield cracks, remove the smoke/pet smell and return your vehicle with that "New Car" smell you remeber. It's like you're driving a new vehicle. FYI we find it hard to remove the smell of that time you rearended someone. But we'll try. 

Watch Our Videos and See For Real

Rodi Heatherington is not just the owner he is also almost a YouTube Sensation

Each of our videos on the Splash n Dash YouTube Channel show you how versital, knowledgeable, dedicated and detailed we are. Click on the link below to see more videos or the other link to get our attention.

Ask Away

Please provide your contact information and the destails of your vehicle below and someone will contact you shortly


Fort Mac


Phone: +1 (587) 644-DASH